Electrical Panel Assembly Factory

Sasel started to produce panels in 1997 with Schneider Prisma boards. Prisma panels were renewed in time and Prisma Plus continued to be produced. Then, in order to respond to the needs of the diversified panels, the panels made using the yapılan EAE-S Cabinet lar also took their place in the production range. Thus, it is possible to meet the needs of external and monobloc small panel. As the service sectors are diversified, the panel products have to be diversified in parallel, so our own design bu SA 600 zor underfloor modular panels have also taken its place in the production line in order to meet our flush panel requirements. Finally Schneider Electric Design, Industrial and Upper Segment, the installed power of large, high-featured building, complex etc .. yet BLOKSET anol panels, which are produced for sale, have been authorized to produce. Sasel Panel Factory has reached the competence with Prisma Plus and EAE-E Cabins up to 4000A and Schneider BLOKSET up to 6300A.

    Panel Factory, with its experience in the international field for many years, strives to make its products competitive in all world markets. Ensuring the traceability of products and production procedures from the tender stage to the after sales service stage is important for the satisfaction of our customers. For this reason, ISO9001 / 2008 Quality Assurance System is applied without compromising the requirements. The design of the panels is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the designer company directives and applicable regulations and user specifications, without compromising on quality and system security. Routine tests of all panels produced are made according to EN 61439-1 and 2 standards, and type test certificates are provided to the users.


ELECTROMECHANICAL, which is the subject of its activities, reflects the development required by the contracting business in parallel to the panel factory. As a result of the development of information and communication technologies, the new generation investments, multifunctional, complex, over-large and high comfort threshold, high quality and many installations in one contract.
  • Prisma Plus - up to 4000A AG Distribution and MCC Panels

    LV Switching boards up to 630A (G) and 4000A (P)
    • Boxes, dashboards and partitions with different IP values ​​(IP30 - IP55), in various heights and widths
    • IEC 61439-2 Standard
    Main features:
    • Wall mounted boxes: System G
    • Package box 160A, Icw 10kA 
    • Kit system up to 630A, Icw 25kA
    • Boxes standing on ground: System P
    • Kit system up to 4000A, Icw 100kA
    • A functional product offering as a kit for more professionalism Simple, fast and upgradeable solutions that meet your expectations. Designed to the smallest detail. The box size varies depending on the switching element used. Device-specific mounting plates and front plates.
     Prisma Plus is suitable for distribution switchboards up to 4000A in tertiary buildings and industry.
  • Blokset - up to 6300A LV Distribution and MCC Panels

    High reliability LV distribution and motor control switchboard

    Global design

    • Type-tested and complies with IEC60439-1 and IEC61439-2.
    • Flexible and modular system designed for maximum security and reliability
    • Designed specifically for Schneider Electric components and tested by type: the world leader in protection and control, the company guarantees the highest performance and safe use of components.
    • Certified IEC60439-1 and IEC61439-2 compliant, guaranteeing a wide range of thermal increase effects and short circuit resistance.
    We focus on safety, reliability and adaptation to meet the highest requirements ...
    • Built-in arc resistance. 
    • Earthquake / seismic resistance. 
    • Abrasive media protection ...
    • In all low voltage applications (required for large industrial plants, large commercial buildings and infrastructures, etc.) - both removable and fixed designs are available. - Electrical distribution with Merlin Gerin circuit breakers: Busbar rating up to 6300A.

    • Fully centralized and modular motor control with state-of-the-art Telemecanique components: traditional and intelligent Motor Control Centers (MCC / iMCC), variable speed drives and starters.
    • Power factor and harmonic compensation with Merlin Gerin capacitors: high performance, high security and long life installation thanks to the design.

    Enables the project to be close to the customer
    Schneider Electric, known for its high engineering skills, is close to its customers by its regional equipment factories, or by Schneider Electric's globally and continuously monitored partners to better understand customer requirements and provide more flexibility in project management.

    Advantages Schneider-Electric is the most localized of high-quality switchboards Low-voltage switchgear equipment: • Safety, reliability and performance are designed and tested with the components of Schneider Electric's worldwide brands (Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique) (IEC 60439-1 and IEC61439 -2).
    • A unique survey of local differences, providing flexibility in project management, adaptation to local project implementations and end-user requirements. • Designed solely by Schneider Electric or Schneider Electric's licensed partners, considering the end user to ensure the highest quality.
    • A wide installed base in all industrial and high power consumption sectors, in harsh environments and heavy work conditions.

    • Medium and large scale industrial plants: Mining, Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, manufacturing industry, Metal processing ...
    • Medium and large trade and construction areas: Shopping malls, Hotels ...
    • Infrastructures: Water treatment, Airport / Ports, local electricity distribution
  • E Cabin

    E-Cabin S Series electrical enclosures are designed for use in indoor installations. Their simple design provides functionality and economic solutions for different applications. All parts facing outside of the enclosure are made of pregalvanized sheet steel and then electrostatic power painted. By this way, high degree of corrosion resistance is provided.
  • SA 600 Flush Mounted Modular Enclosures

    Sasel, SA 600 Recessed Modular Panels are designed and manufactured to complete SIVA ALTI deficiencies of Modular Panel Systems that you use in your projects, structures, constructions.

    It will provide a suitable aesthetic option especially in the panels which should be used in decoration areas and will ensure that your installations are part of quality and architectural solutions. With its 600 mm fixed width and 5 different size options, it helps you to work with real dimensions in the project, while 150 mm depth prevents the wall thickness from being a problem.

    SA 600 Flush-Mounted Modular Enclosures provide options to be complementary to the main Modular Enclosures you choose in your system with both its content switchgear materials and color options.