Company Profile

SASEL is a subsidiary company of Yüksel Holding, one of the largest construction groups in Turkey; is one of the best known Electromechanical Contracting companies in the industry, established to undertake project, engineering, contracting works.

SASEL, "Electromechanical Contracting Works for Administrative - Commercial Buildings, Tourism Facilities, Industrial Facilities, Health Facilities and Airport Facilities"

SASEL, in addition to the design, engineering and contracting services it offers in the Electromechanical Contracting Sector, with its Electric Panel Factory and Collector Factory it has established, complementary initiatives for manufacturing, and branches and local offices opened in foreign countries where it does business continues its institutionalization.  






Since its establishment in 1984, its place in today Contracting Sector, undertaken by domestic and foreign projects with quality and reliability, identify the chassis, is today one of Turkey's most well-known Electromechanical Contracting Company. SASEL is a brand that has gained the distinction of being a school for its employees with its corporate culture formed by completing over 250 commitment projects in sixteen countries on three continents.

SASEL has raised its bar with large-scale projects especially abroad; Ir Engineering ind, esas Value Engineering ye, ın Purchasing , Electromechanical Project Management ”activities, quality management system standard, occupational health and safety rules and environmental sensitivity is to take on the basis of sustainability.

The role of the ve practitioner, in which the Electromechanical firms in the sector are dragged, has created a serious gap in the name of quality in Engineering and Electromechanical Project Management as we foresee. Today as SASEL, our aim is to fill this gap felt in large-scale projects and to share our experiences.



  • 1984

    SASEL was established in January 21, 1984 within the body of Yüksel Holding.The electrical group is engaged in subcontracting services as a specialized and engineering group in the construction sector.
  • 1993

    Over the years, SASEL has gained a good place in the fields of electrical contracting, installation, consultancy and engineering. As of 1993, it has been extensively opened abroad, has undertaken various projects successfully and has been continuing its success with new projects.
  • 1997

    In order to provide electromechanical service to the companies we work with as of August 1997, a mechanical group was formed. In addition, in order to be a part of the manufacturing sector, we started to manufacture Prisma modular panels under the Schneider brand and guarantee of Schneider Electric Group.
  • 1998

    In Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, a factory building with 1200m² closed area was purchased and organized as a general assembly plant and a panel assembly plant. The electrical, mechanical, project, contracting, accounting and manufacturing groups within the structure of SASEL continued their activities in their new buildings as of April 27, 1998.
  • 2000

    Sincan Organized Industrial Zone in a factory with approximately 3000m² closed area by purchasing, this factory in various sizes of spiral and rigid types and high quality electrical installation pipe began to produce. Our company SASEL works in the field of electromechanical contracting both in Turkey and abroad in order to cover all kinds of services from project preparation to operation and maintenance.
  • 2007

    Since September 2007, METU-MET (Micro Electronics Technologies Center) has moved to the field of Contracting and Panel Manufacturing services are continuing here.
  • 2015

    In order to meet the increasing demands and provide better service to the customers since January 2015, the panel factory has been moved to its place with a closed area of ​​1600m² in Ankara Sincan Organized Industrial Zone. Sasel Head Office continues its activities at Söğütözü Business Center Beştepeler - Ankara since May.