Prisma Plus P

Prisma Plus, an offer thought out for greater professionalism
Production of the Prisma Plus switchboards follows the wiring diagram step by step.
• Each feeder or group of feeders has a mounting plate/front plate functional assembly allowing optimised and safe installation of devices.
• The power circuit and connections of the switchboard can be produced using prefabricated and tested solutions.
• Enclosure size is determined simply according to the switchgear installed, the connection method and positioning and the

Prisma Plus solutions conform to the specifications of standard IEC 60439-1.
• temperature rise control
• dielectric properties
• short-circuit withstand
• protection circuit efficiency
• clearances and creepage distances
• mechanical operation
• IP withstand.
Installation, distribution and prefabricated connection systems have passed all tests successfully in the most restricting configurations.

Device installation
Mounting plates dedicated to Merlin Gerin and Telemecanique devices for intuitive mounting

• Studs position the device vertically and horizontally to facilitate its mounting on the plate.
• Tapped holes allow front mounting of the device.
• Pins hold the mounting plate-device assembly in place on the framework before it is secured by self-tapping screws.
• For modular and Compact NS y 630A type switchgear, the mounting plates are secured to the front uprights of the framework. The volume freed thus facilitates cable insertion.
• Devices facilitate installation of terminal blocs for auxiliairies and trunking for fine wiring.

Mounting plate for Compact NS, fixing to the uprights at the front of the framework
One front plate per switchgear type for rapid installation
• For more safety, the front plates only allow access to the device setting and control devices.
• Each front plate is mounted on the supports by captive 1/8 turn screws.
• The front plate support frame is of the swivel type to ensure quick access to switchgear after installation.

Swivel type front plate support frame for quick access to switchgear

Ready to install functional units