Prisma Plus GX

The Pack enclosure, the simplicity of
  • Simple to order, the enclosure consists of:
    • A back equipped with modular rails,
    • Cover panels,
    • Plastic gland plate,
    • Front plates,
    • Blanking plates.
  • For a discreet appearance and perfect adaptability to all sites, the wall mounted enclosure is white RAL9001.
  • With its range of 5 enclosures (2 to 6 rows), delivered already mounted, the Pack enclosures lets you upgrade your switchboard at any time according to your requirements.
  • The doors, plain or transparent sold as options, are right/left reversible.
  • The optimised packaging can be re-used for transport of the equipped enclosure.
  • A clever wall-mounting device compensates for inaccurate drilling and allows repositioning of the installed enclosure.
  • External wall-mounting lugs are also available.
  • Pre cut-outs at the enclosure back are provided for rear cable insertion.
  • Reference marks on the plastic gland plates facilitate cutting.